CBO has done extensive community consultations and the biggest message we hear is the need for not just jobs, but an opportunity to create enduring skills and trades that would benefit both the employee and their community.

Our Objectives:

  • To create not just jobs, but careers
  • Focus on the promotion and creation of skills and trades that will benefit the community by having that resource available locally
  • To coordinate with the local educational facilities to include local members as beneficiaries
  • To recognize and accommodate any cultural sensitivities related to traditional seasonal activities

Additionally, through the CBO organization, apprenticeship and other skills development opportunities are made available to Aboriginal employees at all work locations throughout Canada.

By adopting this philosophy to its fullest value we have created local employee capacity in support of various contracts, to the benefit of clients, CBO and the local community: a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

CBO Aboriginal Experience

CBO has gained direct experience in working with Aboriginal communities due to the specific locations and scopes of our existing and past projects.  We have sought out specific experience within other entities and communities such as Grise Fiord & Resolute Bay to create partnerships that have proven effective and that provides for a wide variety of knowledge, expertise and capability.

This sculpture was purchased by CBO from Inuk artist Manasie Maniapik and is proudly displayed in the CBO boardroom at the Collingwood office.