Experienced. Well-resourced. Canadian

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Experienced. Well-resourced. Canadian.

From the beginning, CBO has extended its range of services beyond the realm of standard facility management and operations. Our services are tailored to address the requirements of aerodromes, military functions, and remote camp services nationwide for both public and private clients. CBO’s success has been driven by diligent and immediate response to clients’ needs paired with an unwavering determination to exceed expectations for safety, quality, and performance. Canadian Base Operators’ provide a safe work space for employees, a high quality of service to our clients, and a pledge to protect the environment.

100% Canadian Content

CBO is proud to provide a strong, dependable and diversified Canadian workforce. We use a solid Canadian supply chain which includes Small and Medium Business (SMB) suppliers and Indigenous suppliers and partners. Our services represent 100% Canadian Content Value in support of Industrial and Technological Benefit (ITB) and Value Proposition requirements.

A CBO employee using a forklift to move inventory in a Department of National Defence warehouse.