Customized Solutions for Aerodromes, Defence Bases, and Specialized Facilities

Our Services

CBO offers Facilities Management & Operations solutions for high security environments, turnkey Airport Services for public and private airfields, and tailored facilities management and logistical support services for the Canadian Department of National Defence. Our proven professionalism, accountability, and integrity are inherent to all the services we provide.

Facilities Management & Operations

Comprehensive Solutions for Specialized Facilities

CBO provides customized Facilities Management & Operations solutions to industries with specialized and high-security needs, such as mining, oil and gas, research, and surveillance. With more than 25 years of experience, CBO has honed a facilities management philosophy suited to remote and harsh environments that prioritizes safety, ongoing staff training, and strategic resource management.

A CBO technician checks piping inside a facility.
Three helicopters and two airplanes parked on a runway tarmac at CFTS Southport in Manitoba.

Airport Services

Turnkey Solutions that Prioritize Safety and Quality

CBO delivers turnkey facilities management services for aerodromes. Our clients’ facilities includes small airfields, large private airports, military flight training centres, and military bases. CBO’s on-site services include aircraft ground handling, facilities maintenance, and hard and soft services including hospitality, accommodation, and janitorial duties. We are known for our outstanding safety record, flexible management systems, quality standards, and environmental diligence.

Department of National Defence

A Trusted Partner on Canada’s Military Bases

CBO offers facilities management and logistical support services tailored to the unique requirements of the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND). Our skilled Canadian workforce, strong Canadian supply chain, and proven dedication to safety, quality, and performance, make us uniquely equipped to serve the needs of the nation’s military facilities.

A CBO employee in a vehicle loading a Howitzer military gun onto a flatbed trailer.