Long-term Opportunity and Value Into the Communities

Indigenous Philosophy

Through our extensive consultations with indigenous communities, we understand the importance of bringing long-term opportunity and value into the communities in which we operate.

CBO achieves this objective by:

  • Creating careers rather than just jobs.
  • Focusing on the promotion and creation of skills and trades that will benefit the community.
  • Coordinating with the local educational facilities to include local members as beneficiaries.
  • Recognizing and accommodating any cultural sensitivities related to traditional seasonal activities.
An Indigenous walrus sculpture located at the CBO corporate office in Collingwood, Ontario.
Four stones stacked on top of one another in front of a lake.

Our Affiliates

CBO is proud of the business relationships we have established with Indigenous communities, businesses and organizations. We strive to grow these long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships that provide employment opportunities and help build communities. You can rely on CBO‘s wide range of services and support because of our valued collaboration with our Indigenous partners.


Morningstar logo

Morningstar Services is an Indigenous-owned multi-trade service provider that delivers innovative facilities management, construction, and technical solutions. Its mandate is to contribute to Canadian Indigenous economic growth through the creation of sustainable Economic Joint Ventures with Indigenous organizations, facilitating apprenticeship and career opportunities and honouring the culture where it operates.