Building Partnerships. Advancing Careers. Supporting Communities

Indigenous Relations

Canadian Base Operators acknowledges and respects Indigenous communities and continues to build meaningful long-term relationships based on honesty and integrity, through various associations such a Northern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association and Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

Whether it’s participating in events, sponsorship, promoting and supporting local Indigenous businesses or hiring Indigenous workers, CBO is committed and determined to achieve equitable outcomes for Indigenous Peoples and their communities.


  • This inclusion shall be meaningful and accretive to the self-sufficiency
    and capacity of both the communities involved and the community
    residents’ quality of life.
  • Residents of the local and Indigenous communities are given
    consideration for employment opportunities.
  • CBO consults with the local communities to gather information
    regarding all local available resources to achieve maximum inclusion
    of Indigenous firms and other sources.
  • CBO accomplishes engagement through Indigenous employment and
    apprenticeships as well as procuring goods and services from local
    Indigenous businesses.

Indigenous Hiring Objectives

Create not just jobs, but careers for the members of the regional workforce and Indigenous community.

  • Focus on the promotion and creation of skills and trades that will benefit the community by having that
    resource available locally.
  • Mentor and assist members of the local community with new enterprises (e.g., products or services of
    which may be purchased by CBO for the project).
  • Coordinate with the local educational facilities to include local members as beneficiaries.
  • Communicate enterprise and subcontract opportunities so the local community has equal opportunity to
  • Identify and reserve certain contracts specifically for competition among qualified Indigenous businesses.
  • Recognize and accommodate any cultural sensitivity related to traditional seasonal activities.

Local Communities

CBO provides fair and equal opportunity for the local community to supply, to subcontract, and/or consult in major project undertakings.

  • Given the diverse geographic and multi-faceted nature of CBO, each situation and/or project is planned out in detail locally.
  • CBO develops and maintains positive relationships with the communities where we operate to achieve mutual long-term benefits.
  • CBO consults with communities concerning its business activities to
    address concerns and to work towards mitigating any adverse impacts.
  • CBO is committed to promoting community well-being, economic growth, and “being a good corporate citizen” through allocation of company resources.
  • CBO’s involvement with federal and provincial contracts frequently includes Indigenous programs that incorporate employment training and apprenticeship programs for local Indigenous residents.
An inuksuk on a bed of rocks beside a lake at the foot of a mountain.

Indigenous Partnerships and Affiliates

CBO is proud of the business relationships we have established with Indigenous communities, businesses, and organizations. We strive to grow these long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships that provide employment opportunities and help build communities. You can rely on CBO‘s wide range of services and support because of our valued collaboration with our Indigenous partners.

Acden Base Operators

Acden Base Operators Limited Partnership (Alberta) (ABO) is an Equity & Venture Partnership formed in 2020 between Canadian Base Operators (49%) and Acden (51%); Acden is wholly owned by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN). Acden is one of the largest Aboriginal corporations in Canada and is a proud member of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association and Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. ABO is an Indigenous Business that brings together CBO’s expertise in facilities maintenance and operations support and Acden’s extensive experience in the oil sands services industry. ABO has access to the exclusive support, operations, and technical resources of both Acden and CBO. Our objective is to provide safe, innovative, and environmentally responsible services and products that ultimately benefit our customers, stakeholders, employees, and our shared environment.

Morningstar Services

Morningstar Services is an Indigenous-owned multi-trade service provider that delivers innovative facilities management, construction, and technical solutions. Its mandate is to contribute to Canadian Indigenous economic growth through the creation of sustainable Economic Joint Ventures with Indigenous organizations, facilitating apprenticeship and career opportunities and honouring the culture where it operates.

Baffin Base Operators

Established in 2021, Baffin Base Operators (BBO) is a partnership formed between Canadian Base Operators (CBO) and North Baffin Co-operatives. BBO is listed on the Inuit Firm Registry and will pursue facility management and operations opportunities in Baffin Region, which lies in the Nunavut Settlement Area.

Kalluk Base Operators

Established in 2021, Kalluk Base Operators (KBO) is a partnership formed between Canadian Base Operators (CBO) and Kalluk Corp. Kalluk Corp is an Inuit-owned company that provides a wide range of maintenance services to its local Cambridge Bay area. KBO has been formed to provide a business connection between CBO, Inuit-owned companies, and the people of the Kitikmeot region.

Whitecap Dakota First Nation / Whitecap Development Corporation (Saskatchewan)

CBO, a member of the SkyAlyne Team of strategic subcontractors for the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program, and Whitecap Dakota First Nation (WDFN), through Whitecap Development LP (Whitecap) have signed a mutually exclusive Memorandum of Understanding to form a partnership to support the Government of Canada and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) at the 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan site.

CBO and Whitecap will jointly deliver program support activities for facility management and site services including electrical/mechanical project management services and airside crash/fire rescue capabilities and other ancillary services. WDFN is located at Whitecap, Saskatchewan, 26 km south of Saskatoon, where members have mandated leadership to implement a nation-building vision geared toward strengthening community and building opportunity.

Supplies and Materials

CBO’s goal is to use as many supplies / materials, equipment and services procured from Indigenous and local companies for this contract as possible. CBO buys locally when available and assist / encourage members of the local Indigenous firms in the community to supply products (or submit pricing) when we require materials.

Indigenous business purchases are a high priority. CBO provides fair and equal opportunity for the local Indigenous community to supply, and/or consult in major project undertakings across all our operational sites.