A Positive Presence in Communities Across Canada

Responsibilities and Commitments

CBO is committed to promoting the economic, environmental, and overall well-being of communities. We put this commitment into action by providing fair and equal opportunity for local communities to supply, subcontract, and/or consult on project undertakings and by acting as a good corporate citizen.

We consult with community members about our business activities and work to mitigate any adverse impacts of our presence through positive actions and programs.

Indigenous Philosophy

Through our extensive consultations with indigenous communities, we understand the importance of bringing long-term opportunity and value into the communities in which we operate.

An inuksuk on a bed of rocks beside a lake at the foot of a mountain.
A group photo of children with new bike helmets giving a thumbs up in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

Community Involvement

At CBO we have employee-led charity initiatives involving teams that plan, implement and administer workplace fundraising campaigns. Our initiatives combine donations, gifts-in-kind, fundraising events, and friendly team involvement. Our program supports charitable and non-profit organizations across Canada in the communities in which we operate facilities. Our people donate to the charities of their choice in their communities. We cover all administration costs, ensuring that 100 per cent of the funds raised go directly toward the benefiting organizations and communities.