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CBO Head Office Collingwood

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Project Description

Canadian Base Operators provides improved management, operation, maintenance of the Department of National Defence (DND) facilities, plus a wide range of logistics support to the training and operations of the Canadian Forces. CBO offers customized facilities management and operations solutions to industries with specialized and high-security needs, such as mining, oil and gas, research, aviation, and surveillance. The Head Office of Canadian Base Operators carries out the corporate support functions of the company.

Head Office
101 Pretty River Parkway Suite 6
Collngwood, Ontario  L9Y 4M8
Tel: 705-446-9019

Regional Office – Calgary
1071 26 St.NE
Calgary, AB  T2A 6K8

Role of CBO

  • Senior Management Oversight
  • Bid Proposal Compilation
  • Business Development
  • Contracts Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Quality Assurance
  • Health, Safety and Environment

Project Details

Canadian Base Operators
Collingwood, Ontario
Calgary, Alberta
Project Length:


  • Project Management
  • Site Support Services

Operational Sites

CBO supports successful operations at military bases, aerodrome facilities, and other specialized sites across Canada. From the oil sands of Alberta to the vast Canadian arctic, we’re equipped to provide customized facilities management and logistical support solutions for our clients’ most critical environments.