Operational Site

4th Canadian Division Training Centre

4th Canadian Division Training Centre

Project Description

4th Canadian Division Training Centre (4 CDTC) Meaford was the first military installation in Canada to be wholly contracted to a civilian service provider for all facilities maintenance and logistics support services. 4 CDTC includes being a training facility for Regular and Reserve soldiers in Ontario, as well as, a variety of other countries military units and non-military agencies. Average year-round daily DND training population is approximately 600 personnel, with up to 1,400 additional personnel during the summer Reserve training period. Major military exercises and public events comprising up to 2,500 personnel have also been supported.

The facility consists of 40 fully serviced buildings (600,000+ square feet), and 100+ un-serviced minor buildings and miscellaneous range structures, including: ammunition storage, barracks, fire-hall, mess halls, maintenance facility, sewage and water treatment plants, supply, lecture buildings, office buildings, recreation center and a medical facility.

Role of CBO

CBO provides full-service operations support and maintenance services at the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford, Ontario. As the Prime Contractor, CBO is responsible for overseeing all on-site services, as well as providing guidance to the client regarding preventive maintenance and capital planning.

Facilities Management and Operations Services:

  • Accommodations Management
  • Food Services
  • Housekeeping and Janitorial Services
  • Transportation Services (Fleet Management, Driver Training, Accident Investigation)
  • Fire and Life Safety Inspections, Training, Emergency Response
  • Waste Management, Hazmat Storage, and Disposal
  • Radiation Safety and Range Fire Protection
  • Weapons Maintenance
  • Tactical Radio and Electronics Repair and Supply
  • Motor Vehicle Recovery, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Supply Services
  • Water Supply and Distribution, Waste Water treatment, Petroleum Supply Management
  • Roads and Grounds (Landscaping and Range Maintenance, Road Maintenance, Snow Clearance)
  • Computer Infrastructure Support
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • 24‑hour Security Alarm Monitoring
  • Utilities Maintenance
  • Energy Management
  • Construction Project Support
  • Military Police Administrative Support
  • Environmental Management
  • Property Services/Municipal Liaising

Project Details

  • Client:
    Canadian Department of National Defence
  • Location:
    Meaford, Ontario
  • Project Length:


  • Facility Management and Operations Services
  • Site Support Services