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Acden Base Operators Ltd. Awarded 5 Year Contract for Aerodrome Services by Suncor Energy at the Firebag Aerodrome

Acden Base Operators Ltd. (ABO) is majority-owned by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and will work with its partner Canadian Base Operators Inc. (CBO) to fulfill the requirements of this new contract. Acden is one of Canada’s largest Aboriginal corporations providing a wide range of services and products to oil sands clients. The new partnership between Acden and CBO, coupled with the contract award, creates a new Aboriginal leader in aerodrome services that will benefit both Suncor Energy and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.

Acden’s extensive experience in the oil sands services industry, together with CBO’s expertise in airfield support, will give ABO full access to the exclusive support, and technical resources of both firms. This integrated partnership will continue to deliver innovation in airport services, facility management and operations.

“Through the foresight, energy, and hard work of Acden and CBO leadership and business development teams, there now exists an Aboriginal entity that has a wide scope of technical capacity to offer professional aviation and facilities management services in the oil sands and beyond. The synergies between the founding partners in key areas of Safety, Human Performance and Quality Service makes ABO a force to be considered in the industry.” – Mark Sellars, President, Acden Base Operators Ltd.