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Sandra Proulx May 2023

CBO would like to acknowledge and share the recent success of Sandra Proulx, an Air Traffic Controller candidate with Midwest ATC Canada at Southport, Manitoba for recently graduating from the Aerodrome Controller Phase 1 and Phase 2 courses at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations (CFSACO) in Cornwall, Ontario. Sandra also received the distinguished LCol Gordon Stockwell Aerospace Controller VFR Top Student Award. “The LCol Stockwell Award is presented to the graduating Officer on the AEC Aerodrome Controller course who has displayed outstanding leadership, academic, and practical abilities for the post-core phase of Aerodrome Controller training and recognizes the student’s achievements and overall success.”

Midwest ATC Canada, a subsidiary of Canadian Base Operators (CBO), is a private, Canadian-owned company that provides Air Traffic Control Services at Southport Aerospace Centre Inc. (SACI) as part of the Allied Wings consortium supporting the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) program. CFTS is an integral part of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) training and education. CBO is a proud member of the SkyAlyne team bidding on the #FutureAircrewTraining (FAcT) Program and ready to provide #TrulyCanadianTraining and support for the next generation of RCAF pilots and aircrew.

Way to go, Sandra! Congratulations on your fantastic accomplishments!

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