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Kalluk Base Operators Announcement

We are excited to announce that Canadian Base Operators (CBO) has partnered with Kalluk Corp, an Inuit-owned company which provides a wide range of maintenance services to the Cambridge Bay region. CBO and Kalluk Corp have formed Kalluk Base Operators (KBO), a joint venture. KBO was formed to provide a business connection between CBO, Inuit-owned companies and the people of the Kitikmeot region.

KBO is pursuing the North Warning System (NWS) contract as a subcontractor to Raytheon Canada to provide site operations and maintenance services at the 47 NWS radar sites across the Canadian Arctic.

“Our goal is to generate new opportunities for the Kitikmeot region by relaying information to local contacts and community needs,” said Ryan Gillis, Vice President, KBO. “We believe KBO is key for sharing Inuit knowledge to identify and overcome existing obstacles. By joining forces and putting our ideas together we can achieve greater opportunities and provide more benefits for everyone. I was born and raised in Cambridge Bay and I am hoping to contribute my Arctic knowledge to offer a new outlook and help construct new ideas. We will create a foundation based on credibility and reliability for local Inuit-owned companies. Ideally, this will spark more demand for Inuit businesses and strategic partnerships for future generations. I am ecstatic that CBO has provided my company this opportunity and I look forward to seeing our partnership flourish. ”

KBO is listed on the Inuit Firm Registry and will pursue facility maintenance and operations opportunities that lie within the Nunavut Settlement Area. This partnership creates new opportunities, which will benefit local communities by supporting Indigenous suppliers, providing training and employment opportunities and bringing economic value to the Kitikmeot region. CBO looks forward to the future business and community opportunities this partnership will bring.