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Canadian Forces Station Alert

Canadian Forces Station Alert

Project Description

CFS Alert is a military communications station within the Department of National Defence located in Nunavut on the eastern tip of Ellesmere Island. The station is approximately 817 km from the North Pole and is only accessible by air. The nearest settlement is the Inuit community of Grise Fiord about 725 km to the south.

The primary function of Alert is military communications, but also includes support to Environment Canada and scientific research projects. As part of this project, CBO partnered with the communities of Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord to create an innovative Inuit apprenticeship program to build future partnerships and community capacities.

Role of CBO

CBO provided Facilities Management and Airstrip Services at CFS Alert between April 2008 and September 2012.During the contract, CBO also assisted the client with engineering works projects, including planning, estimating, coordination, and labour. These projects included several major improvements and upgrades to the station’s infrastructure and airfield. In each case, CBO ensured that facilities management considerations were fully integrated into the design-build process.

CBO consistently performed above expectation in all aspects of the contract requirements from inception to close-out.

Facilities Management and Airstrip Services include:

  • Building and Structures Maintenance/Repair
  • Main and Standby Power Plant
  • Accommodation and Janitorial Services
  • Roads and Grounds
  • Runway and Apron Maintenance, Repair, and Rehabilitation
  • Snow and Ice Control
  • Electrical and Airfield Distribution Systems
  • Passenger and Cargo Handling
  • Aircraft Refueling
  • Aircraft Anti/De-icing
  • Runway Grip Testing
  • Management and Administration
  • Bulk Fuel Systems
  • Auxiliary and Portable Engine Generator Units
  • Environmental Protection, Hazardous Waste and Material Control
  • Transportation Support
  • Food Services
  • Potable Water Services
  • Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
  • Quarry Operations (Blasting/Crushing)
  • Volunteer Emergency Personnel (Fire, Crash Team, Medical Response Team)

Project Details

  • Client:
    Canadian Department of National Defence
  • Location:
    Ellesmere Island, Nunavut
  • Project Length:


  • Facilities Management
  • Airstrip Services