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CBO Achieves Zero TRIR for 2020

During Canadian Base Operator’s (CBO) 2018 Strategic Planning it was decided to increase focus on Human Performance – Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. CBO renewed its commitment to reducing human error by focussing on its core values, which are principally to establish and promote a culture wherein HSE and quality are top priority. Since that time, the CBO team has collectively gone on an incredibly successful journey, with improved performance in 2019 and an outstanding accomplishment in 2020.

A safety statistics banner for CBO

Last year’s accomplishment cannot be overstated and CBO’s employees should be proud of it – in CBO’s 25th year of operations they’ve set a new standard. The dawn of the New Year marked one complete year without a single recordable event – over 600,000 hours of reportable error free work.

A company’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is based upon the specific number of employees, the number of recorded injuries, illnesses and fatalities, and the total amount of hours those employees worked over a specified period of time.

Injury free all starts with the exceptional training that each and every employee receives at CBO. CBO’s safety management system is the foundation of its business, and has provided guidance for CBO’s employees to complete work safely.

“This milestone could not have been achieved without the outstanding efforts and commitment of all CBO employees – many of whom face challenges in extreme weather and are away from their homes and families for extended periods of time,” said Jonathan McLarty, National Health, Safety & Environment Advisor, CBO. “We did this together in an unbelievably difficult year. To see and be a part of this growth is inspiring.”

CBO employees work safely year-round at remote aerodromes, arctic stations, operationally active military bases, in offices and while travelling. Much of this work was done without daylight in extreme weather and on shift and rotation away from home. Phrases like “Never Pass a Fault”, “Home Safely Always” and “No one Gets Hurt Today and Tomorrow” became achievable and believable because of CBO employees’ hard work, focus and willingness to speak up every day.

CBO will continue to strive tirelessly to maintain a safe and professional environment to ensure the well-being of every employee at the company – commitment to the safety of its employees has never been stronger.

Congratulations to the entire CBO Team on achieving goal zero in 2020!