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CBO Partners With Inuit-owned Companies Across the Arctic Seeking North Warning System Contract

Canadian Base Operators (CBO), as a first-tier subcontractor to Raytheon Canada, has worked on the North Warning System (NWS) operation and maintenance services contract for the past eight years. The NWS has 47 radar sites across the Canadian Arctic, all of which have their own geographical and logistical complexities.

Raytheon Canada supported by CBO, are working to secure a new contract to manage and maintain the NWS sites for the next seven years while ensuring that long-term, sustainable and meaningful economic benefits are established for multiple Inuit-owned companies and beneficiaries. Giving priority to Inuit-owned companies for sub-contracting opportunities on a local level will not only benefit our client but also broaden the Inuit organizations’ relevance, increase their market share and create employment opportunities for Inuit people. CBO has developed a ground-breaking collaborative partnership approach with Inuit-owned companies spanning the Canadian Arctic and all three applicable comprehensive land claim regions. CBO holds three partnerships with Inuit organizations, with a fourth held by our managing partner Black & McDonald:

  • Kipnik Inc. – An Inuvialuit owned company in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, a well-established co-venture partnership with CBO
  • Kalluk Base Operators (KBO) – A co-venture partnership formed with Kalluk Corp, a pillar in the Inuit community of Cambridge Bay within the Kitikmeot region
  • Baffin Base Operators – A  co-venture partnership formed with the North Baffin Co-op Coalition, who have a longstanding history in the Qikiqtani Region, which lies in the Nunavut Settlement Area
  • Emish – A partnership between Amauligak Services & Construction and Black & McDonald, based in Goose Bay Labrador within the Nunatsiavut Settlement Area.

“Our goal is to generate new opportunities for the Kitikmeot region by relaying information to local contacts and community needs,” says Ryan Gillis, Vice-President of Kalluk Base Operators. “We believe KBO is the key for sharing Inuit knowledge in order to identify and overcome existing obstacles. By joining forces and putting our ideas together we can achieve greater opportunities and provide more benefits to everyone.”

“The Co-ops of Sanirajak, Igloolik and Pond Inlet are very excited to be able to join Canadian Base Operators and Raytheon Canada on the NWS Project,” states Anne Curley, President of the Hall Beach Co-op and Chairperson of the Board, Co-op Coalition. “To have additional Inuit participation through employment opportunities, skills training, and apprentice opportunities in the communities is key in our minds to truly making this northern defence project more participative for Northerners. The additional procurement of goods and services for the NWS through the Co-ops will also increase patronage dividends distributed annually to our members.”  

Over the past 25 years, CBO has provided site support and operational services across Canada, offering facility management and site services solutions tailored to address the unique requirements of Department of National Defence facilities, including transportation, communications, equipment maintenance, Air Traffic Control, fire services, supply and logistics. CBO has a strong track record of engaging and partnering with local communities, wherever their operations take them. This collaborative partnership approach will support local suppliers, provide training and employment within the community and work with our Inuit-owned companies to bring real economic value and benefits to their regions.

“This collaborative partnership between Canadian Base Operators and the Indigenous and northern-owned enterprises across the Arctic includes a coalition of the Baffin Island Co-operatives of Pond Inlet, Igloolik and Sanirajak,” explains Fred Hunt, Executive Secretary to the Board, North Baffin Co-operative Coalition. “As locally owned, member driven businesses, the Co-ops will provide significant direct benefits to the communities and their approximately 3,000 Co-op members through their annual patronage dividends. Not only will the Co-op members receive direct financial benefits, but also CBO’s Inuit benefit objectives will continue to bring training, skills development, and business opportunities and growth within the communities. The Canadian Government should be complimented in bringing further indigenous content to the NWS project and we are excited to be part of delivering real benefits to the citizens of our communities.”